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About Us

About US

Sea Familia

We are Sea Familia, A company, a group, whose mission is to be your family in your home away from home. Through a liveaboard trip or more, dive or no dive, with our flagship vessels: KLM Sea Familia I & KLM Sea Familia II; which dive operations are escorted by our one and only Sea Familia Dive Academy.


Brief History and Current Developments

Sea Familia establishment built upon the kinship and togetherness our founder’s felt in his first dive liveaboard trip in 2018. After that experience, his love of the ocean grow, and made him decided to built the OG Sea Familia, KLM Sea Familia I in 2019. Started from that simple experience, Sea Familia has started its journey legally under PT. Famindo Wisata Bajo, while already becoming a bigger group with the existence of Sea Familia Dive Academy, KLM Sea Familia II, and KLM Sea Familia III which as for now still being built. When the time comes, we’ll introduce you to Sea Familia III.